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Our Professional Services Team specialises in helping our customers
achieve their business objectives with City Cloud.

Your dedicated cloud implementation team

Our technicians and architects excel in open source solutions for cloud computing and distributed storage and can help your organisation every step of the way. Whether you need us for various levels of technical support, deployment of an OpenStack cloud environment or a Ceph storage cluster, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the entire process.

Professional services - Your dedicated cloud implementation team

How can our professional services team be of service?

Technical Support






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City Cloud Professional Services Rates

Hourly rates and levels of assistance provided by our professional services team.

Basic level technical support

  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Username & Password problems
  • Uninstalling/reinstalling basic software applications
  • Verification of proper hardware and software setup
  • Assistance in navigating around application menus

In-depth technical support

  • In-depth troubleshooting
  • Software repair
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Remote control tools

Expert level technical support

  • Expert level troubleshooting
  • Designing and developing courses of action
  • Test case environment


  • Architect design
  • Cloud Adoption Expertise
  • DevOps Methodology

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